Book Borrowing
  • Free access to the available library collections from all departments of knowledge.
  • The procedure for borrowing books to take home is fully automated – the readers’ files are electronic, the access to the file is effected through the reader’s membership card.
  • The book borrowing has an automated self-service system available, and in the library lobby there is an automated self-service system for returning the items borrowed, which can also be used on Saturdays from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.
  • Separate areas for the latest and most read books.
  • The books available to take home are borrowed for a term of 20 days in the event of active subscription. The reader may extend the borrowing term up to 2 times in a row, and the extension must take place before the expiry of the respective term. The service is available via the following telephone numbers or e-mail addresses of the respective departments:
    – Book Loan department, tel. 052659153 or at e-mail;
    – Arts Department, tel. 052643711 or at e-mail;
    – Children and Secondary School Students Complex, tel. 052643886 or at e-mail
  • The Book borrowing service is not available for daily subscription.
  • The library announces “Amnesty Days” twice a year, in which the readers can return the overdue books with no fine levied.
Reading Rooms
The General Reading Room offers the following:
  • Use on the premises of parts of dictionaries, encyclopaedias, directories, atlases and other reference literature, as well as some books from various fields of knowledge
  • The use of books located in repositories is effected in several steps – finding the requested title in the automated catalogue of paper and non-paper-based media or in the card catalogues, completion of a loan note with the respective call number, ordering the request and waiting for the technological time necessary to receive an approval.
  • Use of the subscribed magazines for the current year on the premises.
  • The use of periodicals from past years is available by finding the respective item only in the Periodicals automated catalogue, completion of a loan note with the respective call number, ordering the request and waiting to receive an approval.
  • Free Wi-Fi access for the library users.
  • Place for individual work of readers importing literature or portable computers.
  • Photocopying services are available on week days from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm.
  • On Saturday, only literature booked during the week is used, as well as the book stock of the reading halls.
The Periodicals Reading Room offers the following:
  • Use of newspapers from the subscription for the current and the previous month.
  • Photocopying services.
  • Newspapers from past periods are used after an order at the General Reading Room under the respective procedure.
Media Library
The Media Library is a special area where users can listen to musical records and watch films.

Varna Digital Library provides a wide range of various types of items – postcards and photographs from the end of 19 and 20 century of emblematic for the city and the region people, events, sights, National Revival literature and periodicals published in Varna after 1880, which are the property of the library and related cultural institutions.

The digitisation is realised in implementing the cultural, informative and educational mission of the library; it is part of a long-term strategy for conservation of the significant historical past and heritage in terms of their specific aspects and diversity.

Varna Digital Library is organised into the following collections:

  • Varna periodicals, 18-20 c.
  • Postcards, photographs, calendars, invitations, bills, etc.
  • Bulgarian literature – rare and valuable books from the National Revival period and the beginning of 20 c.

The service provides the opportunity to order library items via an electronic form from the library website. The items will be delivered in advance from the library repositories. The submitted order is executed within one business day. The reader receives a specific reply to the instructed electronic mail address with regard to the terms and conditions and the department where they can use the requested item within 3 days. The order is deemed fulfilled only in the event of a received reply.

An e-order of books and periodicals can be placed online here.

Interlibrary loan is a service which gives the readers the opportunity to receive literature which is the property of other libraries in the country or abroad. The library items provided by other libraries are used in the reading rooms of the library for a fixed term. The service is available only if the requested item is not available in the stock of Varna Regional Library. This library service is paid – the reader pays a fee for the service and the postage for the delivery and return of the items. The service is available to readers with minimum subscription of six months.

An order of an Interlibrary Loan can also be placed online here.

A bibliographic enquiry is a list of selected titles of books, articles, or electronic resources on a topic selected by the reader. The enquiry is executed through a search in specialised databases, catalogues and card indices. The reader specifies the type of the documents, the language, as well as the time range of the included titles.

The selected keywords are reference points for the aspect and specifics of the selected topic.

The service for execution of a bibliographic enquiry is paid, and the price depends on the retrospection of the reviewed sources. The bibliographic enquiries are ordered and received at the Information Center of the library. Upon request, they can be received in an electronic form.

The deadline for execution and preparation of the bibliographic inquiry is specified in an e-mail.

A bibliographic enquiry can be ordered online here.

The library offers its users a self-service for borrowing and returning books.

The self-service points for borrowing books are located in the Book Borrowing Department in the main building and in the Borrowing Desk for Secondary School Students in the Children’s and Teens’ Department. The touch screen and Bulgarian interface allow for quick and easy borrowing of the selected books in the event of an active membership card. You receive a printout with detailed data, after which the operation is completed.

The self-service points for returning books are located in the central lobby of the main building and in the Children’s and Teens’ Department. The “return” is effected in the same secure and convenient manner. The message that the operation is completed appears on the screen. The service is also available on Saturdays.

The library aims at increasing and enriching the possibilities for provision of electronic public and information services to the citizens. That is why it provides the opportunity for free use of the Internet in the Information Centre, in which there are 10 computers available to the library users.

The Arts Department has a specially allocated hall – Media Library – with 10 computer workstations designed for training of librarians from Varna region, conducting computer literacy courses, as well as for use of the Internet by the library users. An opportunity is provided for use of electronic media from the library stock – CDs and DVDs with films, music and multimedia educational software.

The students can also surf the Internet on 4 computers at the reading room of the Children’s and Teens’ Department.

All reading halls provide free Wi-Fi access to the library users.

The Information Centre of the library offers access to specialised databases to users with valid membership subscription:

  • The CIELA legal information system, including:
    • Regulatory documents – codices, laws, decrees and regulations
    • Procedures – procedures, forms and sample agreements.
    • Case-law – interpretative decisions, case-law of the Supreme Court of Cassation, further appeals, case-law of the Supreme Administrative Court
  • Varna Digital Library
  • Free-access databases

Photocopying services for library items:

  • Periodicals Reading Room;
  • General Reading Rooms – Catalogue Hall;
  • Children’s and Teens’ Department;
  • Arts Department.


  • Information Center;
  • Children’s and Teens’ Department;
  • Arts Department.

А4 size scanning:

  • Information Center.

Use of a Kindle e-book reader:

  • American Corner.

Use of audio media (vinyl records):

Arts Department.