Digitisation of the cultural and historical heritage, its online accessibility and the maintenance of its economic exploitability — all these are activities underlying the European cultural agenda that promote various forms of cultural and language expression, as well as attract and integrate audiences.

The transformation of modern-day public infrastructure induced the libraries to change their position in the information space, so as to meet the public and personal needs. The functions of the libraries are preserved, but are modified, supplemented and updated in accordance with the specific activities for their actual realization.

Varna Digital Library was launched in 2008 with the participation of Pencho Slaveykov Regional Library in a project which provided access to the collections kept at libraries, museums and archives through Europeana,  the European Digital Library.

The idea about the digitisation was formed not only as a modern alternative to the conservation of library collections, but also as a process of achieving openness and open access to the full range of library and information resources. >>>


The project of Pencho Slaveykov Regional Library for digitisation of periodicals, postcards and photographs from the end of 19 c. and the beginning of 20 c., connected with the city of Varna, is the Bulgarian participation in Europeana.

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