Started: 2014 г.         Copmleted: 2016 г.

aquanarrabilisNarrative skills are the ability to describe things and events and tell stories. They are basic skills and key-competences, which are essential for literacy, first and second language learning and certainly also for active citizenship and participation in democracy.
They are also crucial for effective, active and engaging communication in any disciplinary field.
The aims of project is to develop:
• practical methods like conventional story telling (based on books), reading books aloud, power point presentations of picture books (story book theatres), kamishibai, dramatizing book contents, puppet or shadow plays which can all contribute to raising narrative skills,
• hands-on and tangible material (e.g. material for puppet or shadow plays)
• educational activities (didactic models) and
• easily accessible and up-to-date open educational resources (OER) in diverse European languages for the use in library work with children, in primary schools (age group: 6 – 1 2 years) and in kindergartens ( 3 – 6 years).

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