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Ongoing Projects

The pressing need to give a new meaning to the library and transform it in an information center and a place for social contacts and relax is the main long-term strategy for development of 'Pencho Slaveikov' Public Library Varna. We are looking for new opportunities for integration with similar public institutions.

Each participation in national and international programs and projects is intended for development of the library as a modern institution supporting people in contemporary world.

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Narrative skills are the ability to describe things and events and tell stories. They are basic skills and key-competences, which are
essential for literacy, first and second language learning and certainly also for active citizenship and participation in democracy.
They are also crucial for effective, active and engaging communication in any disciplinary field.
The aims of project is to develop:
• practical methods like conventional story telling (based on books), reading books aloud, power point presentations of picture books (story
book theatres), kamishibai, dramatizing book contents, puppet or shadow plays which can all contribute to raising narrative skills,
• hands-on and tangible material (e.g. material for puppet or shadow plays)
• educational activities (didactic models) and
• easily accessible and up-to-date open educational resources (OER) in diverse European languages for the use in library work with children, in primary schools (age group: 6 - 1 2 years) and in kindergartens ( 3 - 6 years).




LoCloud is a Best Practice Network co-funded under the CIP ICT-PSP programme of the European Commission which will enrich the Europeana content by adding over 4 million digitised items from European cultural institutions.
LoCloud is supporting small and medium-sized institutions in making their content and metadata available to Europeana, by exploring the potential of cloud computing Technologies.
A cloud-based technology infrastructure will enable the aggregation of local content and a number of micro-services will help to reduce technical, semantic and skills barriers and to render the content more discoverable and interoperable.

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A project for digitization of periodicals, postcards and photos related to Varna from the end of the 19th, early 20th century, which represents the bulgarian participation in EuropeanaLocal - a Best Practice Network project, funded under the eContentplus programme of the European Commission. Varna Digital Library project follows the EuropeanaLocal basic ideas on an access to local and regional content through the European Digital Library, since it presents the cultural and historical heritage of Varna town.



A collaborative project between BARS Agency and the Regional History Dept. of the 'Pencho Slaveikov' Public Library, aiming to present the public development of the city through the most authentic documents – photos, and to save this development for the upcoming generations.

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Marathon of the Reading People

The 'Marathon of the Reading People' was established in 2003 on occasion of the 120th anniversary of the library. Its aims is to bring together the people from different professions and positions at one and the same day at different parts of the city for readning parts of their favorite books. The participants are children and teenagers, teachers, publishers and many, many others. The event became annual and related with the International Book Day – April 23rd.
In 2006 the library’s initiative spread throughout the country. The 'Marathon of the Reading People' was held under the patronage of Mrs. Zorka Parvanova. A lot of Bulgarian towns and villages took part in the initiative which became into National at the same year.